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the cut

There's nothing boring about mid-length hair.

The bob has been the haircut of choice for brazen females of the past like Coco Chanel and Elizabeth Taylor, but the above-the-shoulder length whether a classic bob or a more mussed-up lob (long bob) is decidedly timeless.
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the color

Ombré hair color is still popping up on red carpets and shows no sign of waning at all. It's a great color option for brunettes.

Platinum blonde hair is more popular than ever as blondes are opting to go even lighter, losing the golden honey tones for icier, lighter shades.

Balayage (aka Hair Painting) is taking the country’s salons by storm and works on all hair colors.

Red hair color is big this year, but the colors that you'll see range from amazing rose gold’s to deep reds. The good news is almost everyone can be a redhead; we just have to find the right shade.
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how to get the new waves

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Think tousled, imperfect and incredibly sexy. Like bedhead, only better.
First, the really good news: you can cut your styling time in half. To create the wave that we’ve been doing for years, you had to first do a meticulous blowout then carefully go back in with a curling iron. But skip all that: All you have to do is rough dry hair and scrunch random sections up with your hands, wrap smaller pieces around your finger or use a diffuser to accentuate hair’s natural wave.

Enhance your strands’ inherent shape. You want hair that has a slightly straighter bend, which gives a more natural, carefree effect. Prep damp hair with a little mousse or a beach spray if hair is fine to normal; use a heavier curl cream for thick and coarse strands. For both, be sure to add some product to the roots for some lift and evenly apply some throughout the body of hair, too.

Go back in and just perfect pieces. Having gorgeous wavy hair is so much more attainable because it’s not about symmetrical waves. Take a large curling iron so you get a looser shape (1.5 inches for shorter styles; 2 inches for longer hair). You shouldn’t be able to wrap hair around more than two times—and begin midway on strands so it’s not curled up to the root. Grab various size sections, not every piece of hair on your head and leave the ends out—all of which creates a more believable shape.

Don’t be afraid to fake extra texture. Some have it, and some don’t. Luckily, that’s exactly what dry shampoo and salt-based sprays were meant for. I like to spray a texture spray through hair after instead of hairspray. A slight piece-y roughness and not having every strand in place is the point.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get a fabulous haircut.